A Picture A Day

I have little interest in photography at this time. I do, however, like to browse through photos and enjoy shots of portrait vintage faces. They each tell a story. Behind every wrinkle, scar and eye shadow is a story.

Recently, I stumbled upon Momentile, a site that keeps track of a single photo every day, for as long as the publisher wants. I think it’s a brilliant idea. The picture could convey the emotion surrounding you and a picture is all that’s needed. Looking back at the pictures over the past years would definitely be something awesome.

Also, much of the inspiration and initiative to start also comes from Jonathan Harris. Looking at his pictures I can imagine myself many years down the road, looking back at them with fond memories at those fleeting moments. Just like how I’m religiously documenting in Day One, I want this to be the pictorial version of my dairy, my personal journal. I always read through my entries in Day One, it’s filled with heart aching confessions, pleasant surprises, tasty food adventures, my daily end-of-the-day reflection and many others. It’s a place where I won’t be judged, because it’s all personal. Though my photos will be published publicly, I hope to stay sane by balancing the fine art of being honest and sensible in posting pictures.

There you go. I’m intrigued by all these random thoughts and the future, so much so that I have decided to jump into the bandwagon of posting a picture every day. These are meant to be reflective of the moments in my life that I deemed worthy of remembering. It certainly doesn’t tell the story for the day, but it’s a snapshot of I what I felt at that particular moment, captured in the form of picture. And that’s good enough for me to embark on this experimental project. I have no idea if I have the diligence to post daily, but like everything else, taking the first step is the most crucial bit.

Update: Unfortunately  I arrived a little late. Momentile is no longer accepting new users so I have to look for alternatives. Maybe it’s a good time to look in the direction of Tumblr, amidst the sale of their platform for a staggering $1.1 billion in cash to Yahoo.