A new service for RSS: Bulletin

The date reads July 1 2013. It’s the day when Google Reader shuts down for good. It’s also the day where many developers are frantically rushing to push out their services to replace Reader as the choice of client for RSS.

Things are definitely heating up in the RSS scene. Speaking of temperature, I was pretty sure of getting Fever as my replacement. Having consider options like Feed Wrangler, Feedbin, and to a certain extend Feedly, I reckon trying out a new type of feed sorting and hosting it myself wouldn’t hurt. Moreover, it has the head start over the others, having launched a couple of years back.

Today, I woke up to the news of a new RSS service called Bulletin. I have never heard of it and it hasn’t gather much publicity either. So, it’s a pleasant surprise that there could be another potential replacement in the horizon for Google Reader.

Although there’s no native mobile app, it’s designed to be mobile-first. First impression: It’s a clean interface with a neat layout. As a version 1.0 release, it looks refined and polished. I’m expecting better things to come in the coming weeks as the developers find their feet, iron out bugs and sort out the necessary things.

They’re offering a trial of 10 days now. Beyond that, it cost $2 monthly, or $16 if you sign up on a yearly basis.