88 Years Of Slow Design

Michael Bierut on the slow design of The New Yorker:

I imagine there are designers who would find The New Yorker exasperating. And certainly its timelessness can be interpreted as an attempt to hold on to a fantasy, an idea of the way life should be lived, against all odds.

While we must always move on with time, there also must be something we value and treasure. The reading experience can be heavily influenced by the design and The New Yorker embraces the notion of slowing down. Its changes are measured, taken in small deliberate steps.

I always wanted to read The New Yorker. The problem is it’s not feasible to pay for the shipping cost. I could have subscribed to the digital version but I prefer something tangible, something I can flip through the pages and bring it outdoor without worrying about the battery life running short. It would be lovely if my local library or bookstore or magazine corner has a copy of this.