5 Simple Ways To Be More Creative

Drink alcohol

A little drink helps to increase our creativity, according to recent studies. Alcohol lower of focus, we become less rigid and robot-like. Advertising great David Oligivy revealed that having a brandy or two helped him to write better. I concur. Just don’t be an addict.

Step away from the screen

The best ideas never come to us when we are sitting in the office, with the bosses breathing down our neck. Inspirations strike us when we are least expecting it – dining, showering, drinking. We are not thinking about it, but subconsciously, our mind is processing them and rolling out the good stuffs.

Always carry a notebook and pen

You’ll never know when a spark will come to you. Ideas come and go, and the only way you can refer back to them is to record it down. There are many notebooks out there, and the one I’m carrying is moleskine. It follows me everywhere i go.

Read more

Reading expands your knowledge. Knowledge is power and apply them to your advantage. The more we read, the more we understand. As our understanding in the subject grows, our creations become more interesting and fascinating.

Don’t wait till you know everything to get started

Every project benefits from a series from small starts. If we constantly wait till perfection is attained before we begin, the opportunity is either gone or we will never get started. Perfection’s evil twin is Procrastination. The best advice is to start with whatever we have, and adjust accordingly.

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