Never Too Perfect

A psychologist wrote in a book:

“Even if you are an angel, there will be people who will be disturbed by the sound of your wings.”

He used this phrase to make clear that other people’s perceptions and emotions have nothing to do with you. The thoughts of others do not define your worth. You will meet many people who will try to project their own insecurities onto you and there is a risk that you will accept the image of others.

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The Commentator’s Curse

“Player XX is doing great. All game long, he’s diticating play, spraying passes around and breaking up play”, as the commentator’s poetic string of words filtered through.

The very next moment, this player – so impressive all game – loses possession/makes a mistake that don’t justified the kind and generous words bestowed on him seconds earlier.

They call it the commentator’s curse or jinx. They happen everywhere across multiple sports. The occurrences are unerringly similar.

Yesterday, I wrote about how I was rejuvenated from an early morning start, having slept soundly the night before.

Not last night. I struggled to get any decent amount of sleep. Not sure if I did sleep too. Mind was awake, body wasn’t slumped. Perhaps this might be the writer’s curse?

Hoping for better quality sleep tonight – qualitatively and quantitively.


Being Early is a Superpower

I’m not the earliest person in the world.

If given a choice, I’ll always arrive on the dot than being early.

But that’s impossible because people never arrive at precisely the right moment – it’s either early or late. I’ll choose the latter.

That adds unnecessary friction and tension to the already stressful day.

Since the start of the year, my weekday routine begins with waking up at 5.30am. Getting myself ready, preparing the kids and then sending them to school.

What a difference a good night of sleep and an early start to the day makes.

Mind clear and body rejuvenated, ready to go.

The days feel less rushed and more controlled.

And that’s really enjoyable.


Bye Bye Pre-School

When do we realise our kids have grown?

During class graduation?
At their wedding?
When they moved out?
When they have kids of their own?

Next year is a significant milestone for my elder one. He’s going to shed off the pre-school life and begin a new chapter of academedic adventure, where he will have 6 years of exams and new experiences for company.

He will meet new friends and be exposed to colorful languages. He will fall and learn to get back up.

I’m already starting to miss his current phase of childhood. I can’t imagine years down the road what the feeling of empty nester will be like.


Remember those great Volkswagen ads?

Heard this book a a fine reference for ad men and creatives. I enjoyed the style of their copywriting, so it will be handy as an extensive insight into the creation of these ads.

The problem? It’s becoming harder to find one. And the price for it is going up. It’s only going to get more challenging to source one at a reasonable price.


Walking Is Being Alive

I’m convinced walking is the best form of therapy. It rejuvenates the mind and activates the body. After a nice stroll, the brain-fog clears and sanity is restored.

I’ve been taking daily post-lunch walk around my office area. Past the slight trees, low flats and occasional cats, an openness of playground welcomed me.

I’d sit on the bench, digest the day’s happenings and ponder the things occupying my mind. And each time, I’d walk away feeling much lighter and better.


The Macarons Project – I’m With You

I just discovered The Macarons Project not long ago and they’re mesmerising. Their cover of Avril Lavigne’s I’m With You is one of the most beautiful versions out there.

This song is adept, because it annotate the emotions I’m undergoing at this moment.

We sold our house (nice) – but we haven’t found our ideal home yet (not so nice). Time is ticking and we have to vacate our house in 6 months. We would be homeless if we can’t get a home within this tight timeline. So much could go wrong and the longer it drags, the more emotions take over. Not a good sign, because this would trigger irrational decisions.

If time could be reverse, I’d time the purchase of new house and sale of existing house so nicely that everything falls in place. But of course in reality, it never happens that way.

Writing this made me feel slightly better – like letting out a breath I’ve held for so long.


Pricing Psychology

Pricing is a delicate subject.

Price it too low and it can be perceived as inferior. Too high without justification will be deemed as unreasonably expensive.

The perceived quality, brand equity and recommendations from trusted sources are among the myriad of factors that influence prices.

Peek behind the curtains and you realise the subtle things that shift our perception. Part science, part psychology, part gut-feel.

Go on and explore the world where marketers tweak the smallest details to inch you towards that purchase.


On Children

Your children are not your children. They are the sons and daughters of life’s longing for itself. They come through you but not from you. And though they are with you yet they belong not to you.

You may give them your love, but not your thoughts for they have their own thoughts.

You may seek to be like them, but seek not to make them like you.

From “On Children”, in Khalil Gibran’s The Prophet

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Kopi O Peng

I was never a fan of iced coffee (or anything cold in general) but I’ve been addicted to iced black coffee lately. Tried a few this week and not all were great, though they were from the same chain following a rigid set of instructions. The coffeemaker makes a helluva difference.

The coffee is called Kopi O Peng. The best cup I drank had a lovely blend of caffeine and ice, hitting the right balance of sweetness and bitterness. It was made by an uncle who was precise and efficient in his craft.

Located in a heartland mall, this traditional chain with a rich history is always packed. Finding a table can sometimes be difficult. It’s a place where the staff know most of the diners and their preferences. Dudes like me seemed out of place in a sea of regulars.

I’m already looking forward to drinking this beverage every Tuesday night while waiting for my son to finish his music lesson. Who knows if I drop by frequent enough, I might have my coffee made just by making eye contact.