Short Of Sleep

Being sleep deprived is not the best feeling in the world.

I’ve problems with insomnia. I’ve learn to cope with it, to live with the existence of this inconvenience that has been with me like almost forever. I’ve learned not to complain too much and just get on with it. Just get through the day and chill when I’m back home.

At work, my attention span shortens. The mind is a beat slower to process, the retention portion weakens. And there’s craving for junk food. For people who are severely lack of sleep, taking the easy way out is the default choice.

That being said, I made it to the end of the day. Grateful for that. Not entirely unproductive but I know if I had gotten a night of peaceful sleep, my mind and body would have been much better off.


I wonder who lives in the house. What are they doing there? What is the history of this place?

On the way to work, I’ll pass by this house. It’s not beautiful and if any, it’s a little rundown. But it draws my attention every morning. I find myself looking at its direction, for nothing in particular.

Hard to understand why, but I guess I’ll be glancing its way tomorrow as well.

First Completed Book of 2019

Anything You Want by Derek Sivers

Granted, it’s thin. Just 96 pages. But it’s packed with insights from Derek Sivers experience of running CD Baby.

Too many business or self help books contain too little helpful stuffs and too much fillers. This one is the opposite.

Cutting straight to the chase.

The biggest takeaway from this book is that it’s fine not to know everything, and mistakes are inevitable along the way. Do everything from the perspective of your customers and please them in ways you possibly can. Do this and profit will come.

Andy Lau Shares The Ingredients To His Success

I’m a big fan of Andy Lau. Growing up, I’d stay glued to the screen and watch his shows and movies. Each time his songs are played on radio, I would listen intently. I’d also pester my parents to get me his albums.

As one of the four heavenly kings in HK entertainment, he is never the most talented in any trait. Jackie Cheung is the undisputed singer, Aaron Kwok is well known for his dance moves, and Leon Lai, i don’t know what’s he’s good at but he has his fair share of fans.

Sure, he’s handsome and oozes star aura, but Andy Lau excels in another area – hard work. He’s known by many as the Asian Ironman for his relentlessness in his work, day in day out. Never resting. Never accepting mediocre work. His success is a testament to his work ethics. Displaying amazing endurance with his attitude towards his craft, he’s a class act and role model for many people.

I’d often read stories on Andy Lau’s demanding schedule. Despite his heavy workload and years of experience, he still rehearses and practices. Because he doesn’t want to lose. He said if people can score 80 marks, he believes he’s able to do it too.

When you’re at home, you’re definitely more prone to losing your temper, he continues. Because your family are more forgiving of your behaviour. Outside, you don’t behave this way as you do at home, because you know people out there are not as forgiving.

He got to where he is not because he’s talented, handsome or lucky. It’s a combination of his attitude and hard work. He said in an interview I recently saw on Facebook, that he believes he got to where he is because of his attitude. When asked to define success and failure, he said the greatest success is to accept failures. And the biggest failure is to think one has achieved success.

Profound? I think it’s about staying grounded, having the attitude to learn and to put in hard work. Many times we see famous people achieving “overnight” success. How many of these overnight successes are actually years of constant grinding with plenty of stumbles along the way?

Speaking of hard work, I’m reminded of what David Oligvy (of which I’m also a big fan of) said – “hard work never kill anyone”.

Onwards, 2019

Good day, Mintypers. We’re well into 2019. Are you still making the typo of ending the date with 2018? 8 days into the new year, I’m guilty of occasionally writing the year as 2018. It’s an error that happens every year. Luckily, I think I’m not the only one that does this. 

How’s your new year resolution going? One week in, are the projects and goals still inline with where you want to be heading? Many new year resolutions fade by the second or third week, and eventually we never revisit them until the end of the year. That’s the time when we reflect and mourn about the missed targets, but resolutely determined to draft out a new set of goals for the following year. Does it work? Not for me. 

But this time round, it’s going to be different. I’m setting out a system to knock breadcrumbs tasks off – small, achievable stuffs – on route to completing my eventual goals. 

This year, I place huge emphasis on financial goals. Carrying a mountain of debt is a stressful and unforgiving burden. I’m living pay cheque to pay cheque, without any savings. With a young family to support, I need to get out of this rathole as soon as possible. I’ve landed in the current dire situation entirely of my own doing. I’m extremely disappointed with my lack of self discipline but after struggling for years to face this, I’m ready to tackle this head on and get out once and for all. 

Another area I want to see positive changes is in my personal health. Too often for the past years, I’m falling sick too easily. Having a toddler means we don’t get a full night of uninterrupted sleep, but blaming it on the helpless child isn’t going to help. I’m beginning to see the need to take care of my health, given my slowing metabolism and degrading immune system. 

A third place I hope to change is writing more frequently. I know it’s hard to make too many changes in too many areas at the same time. We overestimate how much we could do but end up not doing anything sustainable because they overwhelm us. I’m committed to writing more, because it lifts my mood and makes me a better communicator. I’ve set aside a more fluid goal of publishing once a week here, of at least 100 words. That’s attainable I supposed. 

This concludes my first post of 2019. Wherever you are, I hope you’re doing great as we embark on the new year together.

PS: I’m typing this while nursing a flu at home.


It’s lovely to be sitting at the submit. Takes a huge effort to get there, and even greater effort to stay there.

Now that Liverpool’s finally top of the league after 16 games, it’s almost surreal to think the progress in just one year.

  • The best start ever
  • The best defensive record with 6 goals conceded in 16 games
  • One point ahead of Man City
  • The only unbeaten team in EPL
  • The squad has depth and beaming with qualify
  • Players are committing to the club with new contracts

And I wouldn’t swap the irresistible Jurgen Klopp for any other manager in the world.

My Initial Impression On iPad Pro 12.9

I’ve been using the new iPad Pro 12.9 for about 2 weeks. Bit the bullet and went ahead with this. Was a hard choice deciding between the finally-refreshed MacBook Air or the best-consumer-electric-device-ever-made iPad Pro. Chose the latter and here are my initial thoughts.

– Choosing the size of iPad Pro isn’t too hard of a decision. As it’s meant to replace my 13.3 MBP that just died after 5 years of service, I’d think a similar size screen would be ideal.

– I spend some time in Apple store, touching, using, the new iPad. Like what other reviews panned out, the 12.9 ipad is indeed much lighter, slimmer, and handsome.

– Once I tried out the 12.9 version, it’s hard to go back to anything smaller. The gorgeous screen is the first thing that grasps your attention.

– Speaking of screen, it’s a fingerprint magnet. Annoying. Microfiber cloth is its best friend now.

– As the Smart Keyboard folio is sold out, my order didn’t arrive till 2 weeks later. During these 2 weeks, I’m absolutely convinced that to get the most out of this sleek, powerful and futuristic iPad Pro, keyboard is requisite.

– I was worried that the 12.9 one would be unwieldy and uncomfortable to hold. Not really. The size is like a regular A4 pad. It does get a little weary after prolong holding though. I like to hold it up and read long-form articles. After 10 mins or so, I find myself having to readjust.

– I don’t miss my MBP, not yet anyway. Almost all the things I’ve doing most on my MBP – like web surfing, writing, editing pictures, can be done equally well on this ipad. In many instances, the experience is actually better with the tablet.

I’m missing the Apple Pencil. It was sold out a few weeks back. Still contemplating whether to get it as a Christmas gift for myself. I see it as a luxury item – nice to have but not necessary to my needs. Well, Apple is blurring the lines between functionality and indulgence with every release. It could be the ultimate indulgence accessory that enhances the whimsical level and usability of this device.

Farewell, Path

I never know you well enough, and you left too soon and abrupt.

You brought back sweet memories for me. I was never an active social media user, but I appreciate the visceral design of your app. Your interface, positioning and tiny base suits me. I enjoy that not a whole lot of people know about you, let alone uses you. It’s like the cool, charming man that carries an air of mystery.

Mysterious yet measured.

I’m not sure if I want to extract my limited interactions from you. If anything, I may just let it go. Sometimes the best one could do is to let things be as they are.