Haruki Murakami And The Art Of Japanese Translations

Perhaps the best-known Japanese author outside Japan. Perhaps he is the only contemporary Japanese writer anyone outside of Japan knew. According to him, he doesn’t read his works in English. It would lose its original meaning and to him, it’s essential that his works be understood in the native Japanese. The translator here, therefore, plays […]

Sunday Coffee Table Linked-List (3)

I enjoy posting and sharing links. This is the primary reason why I’m going to continue this mini series of link-sharing post every Sunday. Though it could just be any other day, I find Sunday’s a little more appropriate, given that it’s the end of the long week and we usually wind down and give […]

WordPress Turns 10

Time flies. Though I can’t recall what is it like a 10 years back, I certainly appreciate the contribution of WordPress in bringing forth the accessibility to the mass. Publishing online have never been this easy. It’s more than just a blogging platform now, it has evolved and developed into the engine used and trusted […]

Groupon’s Inspiring Mission Statement

If I have to be honest, I absolutely detest the business model of discount sites. It’s downright depressing to know how the business operates and functions. Once you get to its core, you know it’s not going to be sustainable in the long run. The only winner is Groupon and the clones. Discount sites in […]

Google Reveals Our Fears

It’s amazing how Google wiggles into our mind and play upon our anxieties, our fears and our insecurities. Mind reader it is not, but close enough to worry those who are worried in the first place. 30. It’s a random number I came up with. It’s an age where men are defined by their career […]

Sunday Coffee Table Linked-List (2)

I didn’t think I’d have the diligence to sit down here on a Sunday night to post something on my blog. Granted, posting links require little effort. Click, copy-paste and publish. It’s as simple as that, nothing more. But the act of turning up requires a more disciplined approach, an approach I hope to reap the benefits […]

A Picture A Day

I have little interest in photography at this time. I do, however, like to browse through photos and enjoy shots of portrait vintage faces. They each tell a story. Behind every wrinkle, scar and eye shadow is a story. Recently, I stumbled upon Momentile, a site that keeps track of a single photo every day, for as […]

On What Not To Write

These day, I’m thinking quite a bit. I ponder about what to write here, what to include in this blog, what kind of content fall outside this blog. Maybe choosing what to exclude will give me a better direction of where I should be heading. There should be no rules, no guidelines as to how […]

Sunday Coffee Table Linked-List (1)

It has been a relaxing weekend. Lazing around, whiling away the day with a cold bottle of water. Watching the sun go down and running around my scenic neighbourhood filled with smoothing greens of trees brings about a nice tranquil feel to the body and mind. As the weekend is drawing to a close, I have been contemplating on […]

The Rise Of Notebook

It’s ironic to know as the adoption rate for smartphones and tablets increases, we have renew our interest in the medium that was once being brushed aside as non-essential in the wave of digital evolution. We can take heart from this, because writing on paper is something close to our heart. It seems very natural […]