The Poorly Designed Apple TV Remote

I’ve been living with a shuttered Apple TV remote for the past 12 months. It’s useable, but not ideal. Rewind back a year and I was watching Netflix. I heard a thud sound and the Apple TV remote fell from the sofa, at no higher than 60cm. That was enough to shutter the glass. Cracked […]

All Camera & Gears Review Should Be Like This

This site has me lusting all the Fuji cameras and its lenses. I believe it’s more of his impressive photography skills than the gears itself. But man, all reviews should be like this. Thoughtful, real-world usage over a period of time, with personal opinion based on what they’re used for. Check out Jonas Rask site.

Writing Is Breathing

To breathe again, to have fresh air entering the lungs. Writing is as much as an output as a way of living. To rid of the excess and take in new things. Emptying what’s inside to make way for new inputs. That’s what it feels like each time I’ve written. Most things I wrote have […]

Short Of Sleep

Being sleep deprived is not the best feeling in the world. I’ve problems with insomnia. I’ve learn to cope with it, to live with the existence of this inconvenience that has been with me like almost forever. I’ve learned not to complain too much and just get on with it. Just get through the day […]


I wonder who lives in the house. What are they doing there? What is the history of this place? On the way to work, I’ll pass by this house. It’s not beautiful and if any, it’s a little rundown. But it draws my attention every morning. I find myself looking at its direction, for nothing […]

First Completed Book of 2019

Granted, it’s thin. Just 96 pages. But it’s packed with insights from Derek Sivers experience of running CD Baby. Too many business or self help books contain too little helpful stuffs and too much fillers. This one is the opposite. Cutting straight to the chase. The biggest takeaway from this book is that it’s fine […]