Penny Wise, Pound Foolish

I once had a wise boss. He was a gentleman, firm but considered. He told us not to save on trivial things which would cost more in the future. I totally agree on this, especially on things intended to use for a long time. But there are also some things which I try to squeeze […]

Sunday Bliss: Grilled Cheese Sandwich

After watching the legendary scene of grilled cheese sandwich in the movie Chef, I’m inspired to make one of my own. In what’s like a follow-up to the movie, the mini series Chef Show (now streaming in Netflix) showcases Jon’s chemistry with his buddy Roy. It’s nice to see him getting his hands dirty and […]

Something To Succeed In

I was looking through my Day One journal and 2 years ago, I closed the entry by writing this: However difficult life may seem, there is always something you can do and succeed at. – Stephen Hawking Stephen Hawking is someone special. I proposed to my wife in the cinema after watching the show “The […]

Being Employed

Being employed is a blissful thing. Your days are structured. You look forward to the off days.  If the job is tough, you look forward to the end of the day. If the job is boring or repetitive, you will find ways to entertain yourself.  If the job is not what you want, you will […]

Welcome Back, MacBook

The MacBook Pro I’m typing on is a 2013, 13″ model with the lowest end specs – 128gig of SSD, 8gig of ram, and the slowest processor (but still blazing fast for most tasks even today). It’s a superbly built machine. I remember when I first opened it up from the pristine box and holding […]

Getting Rid of “Too Much”

Too much time = procrastination Too many choices = inability to decide Too much money = squandering on stuffs that are non-essentials Too many stuffs = cluttering of physical and mental spaces Constrains can be good. Giving boundaries to things are important. Without proper framing, we are scattered all over the place, unsure of how […]

Restoring Film Camera

Intriguing. I love all things vintage. There’s character and story behind things that are well used. To find a young chap restoring and repairing stuff like film camera – it’s not something you’ll see everyday. The man behind this is Pierro Pozella. His demure, dedication, patience and background seems to fit this trade perfectly. He […]

A Walk In The Park On A Friday Morning

An uncle with a head of silver hair stopped by the side of the pathway. He balanced on his bicycle full of groceries bags, looking intently up the sky and fully absorbed by what’s happening above him. Fighter jets thundered by, leaving a trail of echo that broke the silence on this tranquil park. A […]

Never Gets Easier Applying For Jobs

It’s never easy looking for a job. And it never gets easier. I can’t help but feeling jaded after multiple applications. Some job descriptions are so wordy and precise that I wonder if there’s one single candidate that’s able to fulfil every requirement. Some friends around me go round spamming their resumes. I doubt they […]

Good Writing

What constitutes good writing? Good writing is a pleasure to read. Short sentences, concise expression, unpretentious words. And honesty. I’m drawn to people (and brands) who write this way. Jason Fried. Shawn Blanc. John Grubber. Hiut Denim. Jason Fried said rhythm is the most important element of great writing. Great writing has momentum, it has […]