The Little Vintage App Called VSCO

I made no secret of my liking for things retro and vintage. The character they exude, the charm they possess are all integral of the intriguing package. I own a moleskine notebook, and the feeling of opening it, browsing through the aged pages filled with my handwriting always bring about a heartfelt warmth that no […]

Have Your Own Voice

What is the best style? The best style is to have your own style, and not copy them. The best crafters learn the technique behind the style, they don’t copy them. Copying can only lead us to progress so much. We are shaped by external influences, by the things we read, people we meet, and […]

My Best Piece Of Investment For The iPhone

…is a sheet of screen protector. Yes, you read it correctly. Not the fancy, colourful case, not the yet-again another productivity app, and certainly not one of those minimalistic writing app filling up the market. To understand why I made the decision to apply this piece of glass over the screen, we need to go back in […]

Discovering New Apps

Discovering apps are fun. Discovering apps which you didn’t know could aid you in your life is even better. Be it helping you to stay organised, be more productive or just trying out new apps because of the novelty value, we each have an agenda for doing what we are doing. Blame the newly acquired […]

What an Amaz-ing Resume

As we move away from the traditional resume of old, many different formats of resume are slowly gaining acceptance as a form of expression and differentiation from the competition.  Then, this guy from France decides to take resume making into the next level. More than taking a cue from Amazon, it’s a smart and quirky duplicate, with witty […]

Do Without Stop. Don’t Go Back

I always wonder what it feels like to do something, create something and make something without the fear of the end product turning out to be bad. The only thing holding me back from doing something new is the fear of it being not good enough. I would constantly go back to my work, edit, […]

Hit And Miss On Microsoft’s Products

Instead of the traditional approach of charging users for a one-time purchase, Microsoft will be introducing a subscription model in the form of Microsoft 365 Home Premium, costing $99.99 for an annual subscription for up to 5 devices.  The new offering includes the latest and most complete set of Office applications; works across up to […]

The Future Of SimpleNote

A scan around the community will reveal the deep relationship many people have with SimpleNote. Lately, it has ran into problems with syncing and data losses. Some stayed on, in hope that it’s a one off bug. But these things persisted, and some left…reluctantly. It’s like a strained relationship you want to salvage, but has […]

Beware Of The Java Crap

I never know how much crap Oracle is pushing into our system. The only thing that catches my eye is the constant source of updates. It really opens up my mind on how deceptive some major and established companies can be, and how many more out there are doing the same thing.