Finding A New Home For Mintype

Mintype is a frequent traveller. For the past 4 months, she has stayed in places like Squarespace, Bluehost and most recently, A Small Orange. Earlier this year, when I first started writing consistency, I chose Squarespace as my first home. Its ease of use, simple interface and renowned customer support got my vote. I’m not […]

Google Reader – Go, Going, Gone

In my previous post, I bid farewell to an old friend. This week, I sat down and ponder on the imminent death of another dear friend. We could see it coming. We know the day will come when Reader will disappear from our life. Still, the subtle and casual way of announcing the closure of Reader sent rumbles across the […]

How Much Is a Freebie Worth To You?

To some, it means sacrificing precious sleep. To some, it means queuing up for hours. To some, a free Egg McMuffin is too good to pass up. Is it really worth getting out of the warm bed before dawn to get a piece of sandwich? Does the opportunity cost of getting something valued at $2 […]

The End Of Road For Messenger

Comes Friday, Messenger will be history. It shall be retired in favour of Skype.  As I reflect on this statement, I’m reminiscing the times where Instant Messaging (IM) regime supreme, and Messenger was at the forefront of this wave. Dear Messenger, You allowed us to change our status to whatever we wanted. If we feel […]

Obsession On Numbers

I’m obsessed about numbers and figures. I can spend the day looking at charts, graphs and try to decipher the relationship that brings meaning to these data. Each time I logged into the administrative panel of this blog, the first click is inevitably the stats column. It’s not comprehensive, but it’s not too shabby either. […]

The Ad What Will Make You Quit Smoking

It’s a simple and heart-warming campaign. Probably it won’t work on every single smoker out there. But I’m pretty sure everyone will look up, think about what’s happening. The stick in their hands, why are they puffing their lives away. The moments wasted away could be better spent elsewhere – bringing their children out to […]

Please Copy

“Start copying what you love. Copy copy copy copy. At the end of the copy, you will find yourself” – Yohji Yamamoto When we were young, we are often encourage to draw, to write, to create. We looked into the sky and saw the flock of birds flying past, the ray of the sun penetrating […]

Four Years And Counting With iPhone 3G

Streakmachine  I don’t want to be pulled down into a cesspool of unnecessary consumerism and get a new device every year, just because I can. Four years and counting with iPhone 3G. That’s not only a testament to the quality, it also inspires confidence that the product is manufactured to last. The passing of time […]

The Slashing Game At Twitter

I’m never an active user of Twitter. I use it mainly as an outlet to stay in touch with the authors I like. So, like many others, I’m a passive user and Twitter is merely a platform for me to consume news.  In the news lately are two services Twitter acquired over the years – […]