Takigawa Sushi Restaurant

At just 20 sq meters, Takigawa is a sushi restaurant that sits between a parking lot and an old factory. Odd place to have an eating establishment, almost like a secluded hideout designed to be discrete. From the pictures, they don’t seem to be too confined. Instead it feels like a small intimate premise to […]

Strolling With Hope

I slipped on my flip-flops, still in my workwear of t-shirt and jeans, I headed down for a stroll. The night was peaceful with a light breeze, punctuated only by over-zealous teens zooming past with loud speakers blasting music I’ve never heard of. The high humidity level makes me perspire, soaking my white tee wet. […]

Tiny Apartment

I’ve probably watched this video over 20 times and never got sick of it. Quite the contrary, it impresses even more with each viewing. Some minimalistic homes come across as lifeless, unwelcoming, or even pretentious. Not here. You can tell it’s comfortable and it’s designed exactly for the owner. Every furniture, function and detail are […]

Film Camera

Why are we attracted to film cameras? Is it because pictures from digital cameras are so sterile and clean that they’re lack character? Or is it because we enjoy the approach and process of analogue cameras? To me, I’m drawn to the imperfection of film. The little bit of haziness, the softness, the lush colors, […]


What sends a shiver down your spine? Is it staring death in the face? Is it facing your phobia? My mother has always been awkward in signing papers. Given a choice, she’d rather get her thumb printed. That’s old school. But that’s how she is. She was given an anaesthetic for a procedure in the […]