One a Day Banana

Selling to the lazy person or marketing genius? Some people have this dilemma when shopping for a bunch of banana. Do I get a ripe or unripe bunch? Can I find just the right bunch to see me through the week? With this “one a day banana” idea, it solves the problem of buying a […]

Happy 53rd Birthday, Singapore

I’m proud to be a Singaporean. This year, Singapore celebrate its 53rd birthday – an infant age compare to the long heritage of other countries. But what we lack in terms of history, we made it up in foresight and drive. In the short span of time, we have come a long way from a […]

The Ideal Weekend

Wake up naturally 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep Hearty breakfast with a perfect coffee Read Sunday papers Dip in the pool. Read a book Read a magazine Play smoothing music in the background Bring kid to playground Walk along the beach Picnic by the sea Enjoy the sea breeze Cycle and stop by for light […]

The Sweetness of Doing Nothing

Watching Eat Pray Love on Netflix, I’m struck by an awesome phase – Dolce far Niente. You know in some languages, certain words cannot be translated without losing its essence. Dolce far Niente is one of of them. When Liz went to Italy, she made breakfast and sat down to eat. As she was doing […]

Showing Up

I didn’t sleep well lately. I was kept awake by my son, who has been waking up frequently for the past weeks. He’s growing three new teeth from what we can see. As any parent would tell you, growing teeth is an uncomfortable experience and a painful process for both the kid and parents. In […]

Bouncing Back From Retrechment

Exactly a year ago, I was retrenched. It was a terrible feeling but it didn’t sink in immediately. I remember this scene like it was yesterday. When everyone left the office, I was told to pack up and leave with immediate effect. I didn’t even have a chance to bid goodbye to my colleagues. I […]

Hello Writing

Writing comes naturally to me. That was my assumption 6 years ago. At that time, I couldn’t wait to write. Everywhere I went, I saw things to write about. I had more ideas than time. Some of these topics still live somewhere – Simplenote, Field Notes, Moleksine, Workflowy, iA Writer and elsewhere I probably lost […]

Goodbye Russia 18

World Cup is over. Russia 18 is touted by many as one of the best FIFA World Cup ever, if not the best among all the World Cups. All the fears of hooligans, poor stadiums and doping were unfounded. Heck, even the Russians – who were considered the worst team in this world cup – […]

Connecting Brands with Purpose

The most important brands in the world make us feel something. Something within us. They have a purpose, and this purpose is reflected in everything they do. They stand for something. As customer, if we believe what they believe, we want to stand with them. These brands exist because they have something they want to […]