Everyday Heroes

Countries are locking down after one another. People are practicing social distancing. Businesses are closing their shutters, and some are unlikely to ever open again. This is a scale of unprecedented isolation, forced upon by a virus we have yet to find a cure for. The impact descended upon the world by COVID-19 is more […]

Watch Them While They’re Asleep

Have you ever watched your child sleep? I’m sure you did. I just returned from my son’s room. He’s asleep. The shimmering of his belly, the gentle whizzing of his breathes, and the peaceful curl of his lip. Watching your kid sound asleep is one beautiful sight. You know once they’re awake, they’ll be so […]

Staying Home

For office dwellers, weekends are precious. They recharge us. They rejuvenate our well-being. They allow us time and space to do things that’s not possible during weekdays. Things like sleeping in. Eating a slow and hearty breakfast. Lazing on the sofa through the humid afternoon. And Netflix through the night with ice cream for supper. […]

Writing When There’s Nothing To Write

Been through this phase before. Writing dries up, completely. Just like a drought depleting the well of water, sleep deprivation is depriving my mind of clear thoughts. The loss of clear thinking likely contributed to my quality in writing. I desperately wanted to get going. My day job requires me to write – a lot. […]

10 Minutes

What can you do in 10 minutes? Finish a breakfast? Take a shower? Journal the day’s happenings? Create a system, and let it became your habit. Eventually, the habit becomes second nature. Starting today, I’m going to read 10 minutes before bedtime. Winding down from the ubiquitous screens everywhere, and easing myself to sleep. And […]

Twenty Twenty

It’s the time of the year where resolutions are set. It’s also the time of the year where lofty ambitions are not scoffed at. I don’t have any goals or expectations this year. I’ve experienced enough in the past decade to know events in life come and go, as they like. 2019 was a whirlwind […]

Midnight Diner

“The setting of Midnight Diner is a small 12 seat Izakaya called “Meshiya” in Shinjuku, Tokyo. Despite the restaurant’s strange opening hours, 12 am to 7 am, it is popular with the busy nightlife of Shinjuku.” Wikipedia Available on Netflix, I highly recommend to give it a spin. Just 20 minutes-ish an episode, it’s the […]